As health becomes more of a priority than ever due to the advent of Covid-19, we become more concerned as a population about how little we truly know about our health. 

Taking control of your health is crucial to the longevity and your enjoyment of live, however treating an illness is always more complicated than preventing one. 

We partnered with MUHDO , an epigenetics-based company that provides insight into your health from your DNA. 

Epigenetics is defined as the study of how our environment can alter the way our genes work. Although environmental factors may change the function of our genes, they do not change the sequence, therefore we can reverse this. Similar to how we all have a unique DNA, everyone has a unique epigenetic profile and understanding this can provide a wealth of information into about our genes and how they work. This shows how deeply connected our environment is to our genes, and how our lifestyle can influence how likely we are to suffer from certain conditions like diabetes. 

Our epigenetics test offers in-depth comprehension into various aspects of your health. 

Want to know about your metabolism? Want to know about your likelihood of getting diabetes? Want to know about your intolerance rate to certain foods?  

We look for the preventative, so you don’t have to look for the curative.

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