Fit to Fly Adult and Child PCR Bundle 

Apto para viajar | Teste RT-PCR

Support the safety of you and your child with our PCR testing bundle. For just £69 receive an RT-PCR test for one adult and one child. 

Whether you are planning on going away for the holidays or requiring a PCR for educational purposes, you can guarantee that we will provide a friendly and efficient service. We have highly trained clinicians who will ensure you and your child have a comfortable and pain-free experience.  

After our clinicians have performed a swab and the results are confirmed, we will send you a certificate and QR code confirming your fitness to travel. 

When booking your test, please check with your airline provider to ensure they accept our tests. 

Unsure about the travel rules for you destination?
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Nossos testes não serão aceitos para viagens a Hong Kong.

Como funciona

Passo 1

Choose your location below & complete your booking

Passo 2

You are now eligible for your child test – follow the instructions on the thank you page

Passo 3

Fill in the child booking form – remember to fill in your details where prompted as it will be connected to your booking

Passo 4

Your child’s test will be at the same time as yours – please arrive 5 minutes early and remember your passports!

O que é um teste PCR?

PCR stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a test specifically designed to detect the presence of the genetic material/antigens of the COVID-19 virus. The only way the genetic material can be detected is if an individual is actively infected with virus. 

The test is sensitive enough to detect the virus even in the early stages of infection, it does this by detecting viral RNA (ribonucleic acid) which is present in the body before the onset of symptoms or antibodies. 

The PCR test is the Gold Standard for determining those individuals who are infected and those who are not. In turn this greatly assists airlines and countries giving them a degree of control over the spread of the virus. 

By taking the test and following the guidelines we are all helping to halt the spread of this virus. We are competitively priced to help ensure affordability for all.’