The Urinary Tract Infection Test is used for the detection of leukocytes (LEU) and nitrites (NIT) in urine. It is used as an aid in the screening of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). The test is a firm plastic strip onto which leukocyte and nitrites test pads are attached. If the test is positive, the leukocyte test pad should present beige to dark purple, and the nitrites test pad should present uniform pink to red.  

Please ensure that you read the instructions for use before taking this test  


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Our tests will not be accepted for travel to Hong Kong.


If your test is positive for infection as described in this leaflet, it is very important to seek immediate GP attention as you will require antibiotic therapy and assessment. You can access your own GP or walk in centre. 

If your test is negative, it is unlikely that you had an infection at the time of testing. If you continue to experience symptoms please contact your GP to rule out any other cause of symptoms. 

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