Sarah’s Story

Why did you join the programme?

During Lockdown my weight spiralled out of control, my days consisted of eating and drinking, and I never even noticed my weight creep up.

It was only when the world opened back up and I tried to put a pair of jeans on and they would not go anywhere near me. I was in total shock.

What’s your history with weight management?

I have always struggled with weight ranging from a size 12 to a size 18, and have always had to work hard to keep it off a lot harder than all my friends it was so disheartening at weigh-ins when I had done everything my friends had done and I only lost a 1lb yet they would have lost around 4lb.

I tried slimming pills which were great at first but had bad side effects and the minute I would stop them the weight would come back on.

What made you interested in DAM Health weight management?

Then I heard about Ozempic as I was losing hope, as I was tired, uncomfortable, lost all my confidence and felt like the fat mum at the school I decided to give it a go as I needed something to help me and fast. And what can I say after 7 months I am 3 stone lighter but more importantly I am happy, healthy and maintaining my weight.

What was your favourite thing about the programme?

The best thing I found with this programme is it was bespoke to my needs having someone there to talk to about my fitness and health and also having a phycologist to help me understand where I was going wrong.

How has it been since the programme?

What has been amazing for me is the fact I have maintained my goal weight for the first time in my life and I am 6 months on since I was on the programme.

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