Lauren’s Story

Some people battle with weight loss their whole life and this can take its toll in so many ways. Here is Lauren’s story…

Why did you join the Liverpool Weight Management Programme?

I had been obese for my entire adult life and most of my childhood. Since I was 11, for every birthday I celebrated, I went up another stone. At 12 I weighed 12 stones, at 13 I weighed 13 stones and so on until I was 21.

Over these years, I underwent the entire spectrum of weight loss attempts: Keto, Slimming World, vegetarianism, shake diet, swimming, Weight Watchers, calorie counting and all the rest.

Every single attempt ended in the same result – short periods of motivated weight loss followed by an even larger weight gain. Years of anxiety and depression were both the cause and result of this weight gain and I developed a real obsession with food.

When I was 21, my partner and I moved from Ireland to Liverpool and I would dread flying home to see my family.

I am unsure what made me more nervous; trying to fit into the plane seat or my family seeing I’d gained even more weight since I’d last been home.

I limited myself in so many ways because of my size. I had panic attacks before every night out, I refused to go on holidays, I avoided special events and meeting old friends, I stopped wearing clothes I felt stylish and pretty in, I stopped dancing, and I stopped swimming. I couldn’t visit anywhere on a hill because my legs wouldn’t carry me up. In all honesty, I stopped living my life.

How did you hear about the Liverpool Weight Management Clinic?

Last year, I got my teaching qualification and my first job as an English teacher. I decided things had to change. I wanted to be the kind of person who said yes to opportunities.

I got into contact with the programme and within a few weeks, had my first prescription for Ozempic.

Now, one year later, I have lost almost 5 stones and have never felt better in my skin. It has allowed me to rebuild my relationship with food. For the first time in my life, I feel in control of my eating habits rather than feeling completely ruled by food. I eat three square meals and snack mainly on fruit.

One of the best things about being on Ozempic is the change in my taste – I now crave natural sugars more than anything else.

The benefits have been vast. When I go shopping, I don’t have to buy from the unfairly frumpy ‘plus’ range. I go for walks and my legs don’t ache. I wore a dress with no sleeves or

leggings for the first time in my life. I flew home last week and didn’t worry about awkwardly asking for a seatbelt extender. My mental health has improved hugely and I’m not afraid to say ‘yes’ to new experiences.

How has it been since the programme?

My main goal was never to look a certain way or be a certain size, I just wanted to feel like I had control over my own body, that I could embrace life and enjoy being in my twenties.

If it weren’t for Ozempic and the fantastic team of specialists who have supported me throughout this experience, I wouldn’t have gained my life back.

I’m now planning on continuing my weight loss on Ozempic alongside taking up running – something I never thought my body would achieve!

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