Kelly’s Story

Why did you join the Liverpool Weight Management Programme?

I needed to lose weight for health reasons and to improve my appearance.

How did you hear about the Liverpool Weight Management Clinic?

My husband works at Spire Liverpool Hospital and informed me of the Weight Loss Clinic.

Have you tried other weight loss/management methods in the past and did they work?

Yes! I have tried all of the major well-known slimming clubs and diets. I always started well and often lost between 6-9lb, but then it would all go back on – and more.

How did you find the programme and has it worked for you?

It has worked very well! It has made me eat carefully. So far, I have lost two and a half stone, I eat regularly and drink plenty of fluids.

How has it impacted your life?

My blood pressure is good and I am more physically active, which makes my life more fun. Also, my clothes look and feel better which is great.

What would you say to anyone considering starting the programme?

Go for it!

I am delighted with the results and I have a better relationship with food.

I like food (who doesn’t?) and this weight loss programme enables me to eat more mindfully.

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